im s-l-o-w…

it’s already the 4th week of my 3rd term… n i’m stil doing work….s-l-o-w-l-y-y-y-y…

i cant finished 1 figure in 1 day time… i spent almost 1 day for outline, then the next day or next 2 days will b doing the shading which i do it superly…. SLOW…
unless…its wed night n i hv to pass up another figure on the next early morning…
darn u, dannyboy!

drama class….boooo……i nit a doll to twist her head n cucuk… where to get a ciplak 1? XD
seriously….[beeeep] …. i cant say it =D

duh… its been 2 weeks i said i wanted to start exercise… jogging, tennis… bla bla bla….
but until today, i dun even c my red sport shoes in front of me yet… force me after.. 10th of june…

1 thing tat i din do really well in this semester is my time management and i dun even write down my assignments due date…
dumb me… ive been doing it for 2 semesters and now i stopped it…. every projects came so soon and im stil blur with what’s going on..
this semster i was like go to school, do watever i nit to do in class, copy stuffs, come bec home do assignments… i dun think my brain is functioning on thinking new stuffs or forcing myself to actually improve more in this semster….

going out for dinner with wai, gie n oo at Sumi-Ka again… i love it… ^^ and, i try to post up my work soon x.x


~ by ahdannyboy on June 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “im s-l-o-w…”

  1. HAR!!!force la ha!
    dah force tapi hari ini makn appa a?

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