1 more week

i cant finish my figures on time….
everybaaaaddieeeee…..i said i cant finish my figure on time…..
i supposed to finish 4 this week but until now….8pm…i only finished like…1 figure? 8D
go to class without assignments? or dont go to class with my only assignment i have?
i’m not doing my own things well..darnnn
u shud stay bec in the library til night starting 2molo (pray to god tat i can do tat)

why u cant finish ur works? “last minutes, no mood”
dannyboy!!! F*** YOU!!! stop doing work last minute and stop doing works according to your mood


wai went bec to bintulu today, he sounds so sad about it…..but, hey man…hang on with it…..u just left like 1 more year to go?
and the only thing u nit to study there is the thing tat u like n u hv passion on…..
okay, me too….im doing things tat i like…..give me this week then i’ll catch up every assignment according the progression…

can i?

i’m fooling myself, i’m wasting my own time, i’m not giving fully effort, i never try to be determined on something
what happened to me this semester???!!

anyone, wake me up šŸ˜¦


~ by ahdannyboy on June 10, 2009.

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