yay im trying to b healthy… 8D

kay, start with my day
woke up at 850 n go to 9.30 class…start painting at 10 n ends at……6…ya S-I-X…..i cant believe i did tat….
anyway, its really tiring n boring coz we’re doing the same thing the same medium n techniques in this new subject so called “Medium and Techniques”
god damn, its really good to train our patience but hell, i cant stand it for the first time…. n “good” news….we’re goin to petaling street next week… draw at there n let ppl laugh at us…T^T
anyway, this is wat happened when v’re trapped in tat drawing studio for sooo longggg…..

okay after finished our class, me, nad , jolene n orang yang cari saya makan, roland went to pyramid n grab our Paratha….
ahhh seriously…nicee….do ask me to bring u go kay? XD
after tat after tat!!!! v went DDR a.k.a. Dance Dance Revolution
dannyboy…DANCED!!! but damn it…. im too fat n slow for it… D=
n cheer for nad, winloon n teng…they are octopus…. they got a lot of legsss
after tat, jusco food court…the chicken rice….grosssss…… =*
right after v had dinner, me n roland went into jusco….
he bought his shampoo n i got myself bananas… n a fruit jam…
ahh this banana… i jux researched bout the company, Dole… its a Hawaii company…(i din buy it for the sake of its imported)
n this is the link for the nutrition list for the banana….  8D

kay, tat’s all for today..better get started with my work… ciao*


~ by ahdannyboy on June 12, 2009.

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