kay first of all i wanted to say sorry coz i cant upload my lomolitos 5th n 6th roll photographs…
ive been trying so many times to upload it but there’s always error…
this time i developed it at PJ Uptown [Color Dot Com]..
the results was ok, the 5th roll which is taken at batu ferringhi n sg buloh is not soooo special n i prefer the bbq part… it was nice n surprised me, there are few frames with light leak… 8D

anyway, ive uploaded both rolls in my facebook…have a look at it n do comment =D
Lomolitos – Green Flash / 35mm

today was an odinary day which i wake up kinda late =P n rush to skul
in marion class, she just showed us 2 clips about mak yong and chinese opera which are both inspiring…
i yawned during the class but its just because i was too tired…
the next class is perspective, i’ve made it to pass up the project 1 on time but seriously, how come everyone have another storey INSIDE your room? damn it…n mine is like….closet, book shelf, bed, side table n window… 8D
sorry LW n SY… im dumb

after tat we had drama practice which me n sack-xie nit to practice to replace aki’s part…n sorry dude… i nit to act like a girl n shout… it will b really noisy @@
AFTER THAT!!! i went to pyramid to get my doll…..n ACCIDENTALLY i saw 4.99 BRAS…
“hello sack, i saw bra, 4.99…wan?”  “ok la”
okay fun right? uhhuuh….. roland is the one who tried on the size…. n im the one who take the bra n walk until the counter n put on it…..
v tot they will jsut “teet” then put inside the plastic bag… mana tau….budak tu…..he stare at me first n ask “u punya?” then stared at roland “u punya?”   then his colleague said “tak payah tanyalah”
damn it….. i was embarresed!!! shy shy….. die u sack….u punya bra…u better make it sexy i warn u!!
n about the doll, it cost only 8.90 n…. gahhh im stil scare of it….. im sorry i nit to do this… D=

u never try, u never know *


~ by ahdannyboy on June 16, 2009.

9 Responses to “B-R-A”

  1. wads the bra for???love the bbq pics too^^!!thanks nie

    • the bra is for my groupmate…SACKKKKK!!!!
      sack!!! his name is sack…. but he managed to control the braaa nicely…. XD
      yay ^^ i hope u all like it but seriously lomolitos only..du nexpect LCA effect ya XD

  2. he….wad he needs the bra for??XD

  3. ruparupa its u…zzz
    shock when sack told me..
    n i tot where get so cheap bra summore..lolz

  4. The ultra wide & slim camera we have bought has a great effect like LC-A.
    Although just with normal 35mm film..
    Love it ^^

  5. Hong’s friend took some pics with the camera by normal film, the effect of LC-A is not really really strong, but still not bad…

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