Happy Daddy’s Day 09

daddy daddy!! happy daddy’s year ^^
wish all the healtiness with u daddy! i love u..

its sunday, n i smelled monday … gahhh weekend always goes by so fast
i woke up at 10.30, tertidur balik, woke up again at 12.30 n called my dad just to wish him daddy’s day
but cant talk to him long coz he was driving tat time XD
lunch with roland, then went to pyramid to cod toys with a guy.. whcih earned me 100 commision .. wheee .. bro, give me more work XD
after that, we went for grocery shopping which wasn’t in our plan n i spent 40 today @@ gah…
milk, cereal, fruit juice, cherry tomato, yakult… it cost me 40… 8D

until afternoon, i did nothing for skul but won a high score in facebook games, Typing Maniac @@
wat am i doing? fulaaamakkkkk
after dinner i started to work, finished drama script, researches for composition project 1 and perspective project 2 and also sketches for composition
but, it was nothing compared to my assignment list… *die

tonight is still a hot night!! sorry for keep complaining on the same thing D=

tomorrow is monday, its the 7th week of studies. it shud b the final week of our studies according to academic calendar…
but thanks to all our lecturer, we got more than 10 weeks now
cant wait to go bec, i shud start making a list of “what should i learn in this holiday”
the first thing i want to learn… cupcakes 8D sounds easy anyway..

kay, bec to work now.. night^^


~ by ahdannyboy on June 21, 2009.

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