dramieee…. end*

that’s the end of our drama class… it’s really a short n interesting subjects which we wont have much pressure..

our lecturer – Eddie, he’s a cool n experienced guy, straight forward, and react really fast. the first day i met him, i wasn’t tat sure how he is, but the first thing i thought of was ” i want gary as my lecturer”
but after weeks, he seem to be quite a nice guy. i supposed to be in the first group which is E1 but i’ve decided to change to E2 after the first week, friends, its not tat i dun like u all, its just im not reli used to start everything alone, but now i think i can talk to u all… at least some of u ^^

wat we’ve learned in this class is only 1 thing, how to react sponteniously. every week we dont have any given title or assignment for drama, all we have to do is just go to class and be surprised by new things we have to do, cool 8D. our final drama, we’re requried to choose a fairy tales, modernize it and make it into a horror movie, and without much consideration, we’ve chosen Sleeping Beauty. 8D
the rough story is like, 1 husband/dad(tongzhi) , 1 wife/mom(pohyi) , 1 mistress/real mom(sack), 1 fortuneteller(chek) and a son(meee). husband had an affair and a baby outside, the wife found out, quarrelled and the wife forced her husband to get the baby for her. the mistress became angry, keep blaming the whole world even the God n suddenly there’s a book of spells. she discovered all the spells n made an evil poson for her son, Dannyboy. A fortuneteller told the parents tat the baby is an evil, will bring disaster to both of them and they refused to trust her. after 15 years, dannyboy became really evil, on his birthday, he got a doll as a present n tore it into pieces. the parents have to believe the fortuneteller and gave danny a sleeping portion made by the fortuneteller. after that, the mistress came n resurrect danny and lead him to kill his parents. he haunted them n start killing them. the ending was the parents and the fortuneteller was killed and danny went away with his real mom.

anyway, all of us were happy that there’s no mistakes happened except we couldn;t found the knife XD. its a wrap up for drama and i only have some pictures. will upload the video to facebook IF found any nice recorded. and the another group, nad, thomas, lynn, xiao wei, jolene and alan… they did u superb job too…. nad is ahwsomeee…. “oh my oh my”

that’s all for today, hope u all enjoy the show. will inform once i get the video ^^


~ by ahdannyboy on June 25, 2009.

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