purpose:outdoor drawing / main purpose:LOMO

event: outdoor drawing
venue: Central Market / Petaling Street / Dataran Merdeka etc.
Lecturer: Zelin / Yenning

morning woke up at 6.50, prepare, go to skul coz we’re goin for an outdoor drawing today..
when me n roly reached there, its already 7.25.. and, we only see lynn and eric… lynn and eric lyn and eric…ONLY!!!
aren’t we suppose to gather at 7.30, and reach central market at 8.30?!?! fulamakkk
but good thing happened, which is… we ate nasi lemak.. 8D its been a long while i din eat nasi lemak as my breakfast… maa heavy breakfasttt ^^
reached there at 930, went to eat instead of start drawing, then start drawing…
ommmaaa…… im sitting in front of the dataran n i can feel my flesh is cooking, its not 100% raw anymore…
the main purpose for lecturer to bring us here was to sketch something for our final drawing, but my main purpose was to lomo…. wheee wang wang wang…
i brought lomolitos, the greenie and yashica D, yaya.. this is the first time i used my yashica, its cool… really cool…
okay, reached > eat > draw > the death of half of my film > eat > gallery
the death of half of my film… !! my lomolitos’s back cover just opened like that… LIKE THAT… and half of my film was exposed n cant b used anymore… wuuuwaaaa… this is the first time i faced this cool incident and i don’t like it… i dun wan to try it for like 15times to tell i really hate it or not, i really hate it!!! T^T sob sob… hopefully those taken b4 tat will b alright … pray*
ah ya…we went to annexe gallery, im really sorry to the artist coz i don even know his name , but wat i can say was his art is more to self portrait and make all his portrait like an illusion moving poster…( sorry i never write sumthing talking bout artist arts)
b4 v went out from the gallery, we saw a small desk there with markers.. then they realised tat v can actually take a piece of paper with the face of the artist and draw anything, we saw a lot of diff styles there, and we also created a lot of diff style n ive created a stupid children thingy anyway XD
hmmm tat’s all for our outdoor drawing today and… bruce, im sorry to hear tat ur car got tolled which if im ur good fren, i might b laughing a while…D8

here’s some pictures to share (taken by roland) ill upload mine after i developed my film 8D


~ by ahdannyboy on June 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “purpose:outdoor drawing / main purpose:LOMO”

  1. apply sunblock la nie….i duwan to c orang hitam the nex time i c u eh!!100%baked XD

  2. Micheal Jackson’s song….black and white….lolz…XD

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