im a psycho 8D

seriously, i cant find a word or some actions to express my feeling n emotions of these few days
roller coaster, maybe?

i feel happy, very happy, n so extremely hyper then in the next second i can feel sad n so emo
i walked to a place with a bunch of people happily, then in 5 mins i slow down my walking speed and so emo… wth
small things change my mood, big thing controlled my whole soul @@ daym….
im predictable, im dumb, now im uncontrollable..

ya, school life might be part of the reason (im not writing bout skul life now) but i think, this time, there are more things that happened.. such as? lol…
in some minutes, i wish i could say “if i were a girl”… i can emo anytime, i can cry anytime, i can scream anytime, etc (im not stereotyping girls just tat things like emo so suddenly sounds girly for me, my own opinion !!)
unfortunately, im not a girl, n things tat i can do are, sit in front of the laptop refreshing facebook, playing some stupid quiz or games such as click challenge in Facebook, read some bloggies, TRY to clear out eveyrthing in my mind, TRY to talk with ppl who used to talk to me all the time, n TRY to get some beer but i cant drink it coz i hv class on the next day (wtf*ck).. things tat ive been doing, just made me feel more emo n weird n psycho.. i can laughed at some results of quizes, laughed at some mails, laugh to myself when i was playing some games in FB, emo if i c someone or something tat reminds me sad things (which i din feel for long time)…

i think i can add in something in this title, i bought a Tamagotchi which make me so happy and excited n its in pink, n i went for Transformers for the second time.. lol

people, everyone has their own feeling, different people have different sensitivity (im sensitive, i know, n there’s always reasons for my sensitivity), im dumb, i look stupid, my hair is a mess, my tummy is big, my skin is dull, my leg is hairy… n i stil hv my own feeling n i stil feel unhappy when there’s something happened…


~ by ahdannyboy on July 3, 2009.

13 Responses to “im a psycho 8D”

  1. are u alright nie??cheer up,u’ll get ur holiday break soon…

  2. Sigh…since when you become like that?
    You should consult Gie ad…Hahaha….
    Should be you played a lot of games which making u worst…..

  3. i can’t help him yet la wai….i think you should consult da jie lo nie,since shes more pro ad.Don’t play so much game la!!!

  4. weh u both….janganlah treat me as serious case….
    just kinda hard to control my emotions…. get pissed off by tiny little things n always feel like screaming at someone who made me angry…
    mayb just bcoz i nv did tat XD lol… im fine la

  5. aww *pats danny’s head* its ok ne…we are afterall only human.. it doesnt matter if u are a boy or a girl.. we feel bcos we are human X3 so be genki genki~! XD

  6. worried marh….c how much v care of u??!!!anger and stress management workshops needed….lolz

  7. lol… jangan… ill take care of myself… the worst thing ill do is to kidnap my lecturer for few weeks until all of us finished our work XD

  8. haha~ weiii~
    if u really plan on kidnapping he lecturers~
    count me in!!!
    i volunteer myself to save u guys~
    save the day! SWT.
    human ARE emotional.
    especially TOA-ians~ =3
    what i always did is..
    day dream..bite my dad..sing out loud… =D

  9. i feel stupid, bongok, tummy bigbig,skin dull dt part..high five(except hairy =-=)

    IL-ians shud pergi jumpa jimmy more often.
    eh..tell u from PRS wn last time 8D
    come..i help u 8D

  10. ommmaaa i dun wan a bongok to help meeee

    jangannnnnn~~~~~ *begging for help*


  11. sendiri bongok ckp orang bongok..yerr

  12. then mangkuk u wan? XD

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