yea yea
everyone is saying tat im childish, immature now
yes, i play ddr, i play tamagotchi, i want to get digivice, im acting so random, im talking so random…
ppl, im not talking bout u all, its just ppl around me saying im childish now..
i think i hv to kill dax, i hv to stop dancing, n stop searching for digivice..

just..watever u all want… im dumber im stupier im slower than b4… yes i admitted all of it..


~ by ahdannyboy on July 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “childish”

  1. ur not allowed yo kill dax. I FORBID

  2. lets go eat cupcakes 8D

  3. heh? kenapa lah?
    ignore ignore ignore what PEOPLE says,
    thats an advice.
    listen listen listen to your own heart,
    thats essential. =)

  4. just who say playing DDR tma n digi is childish?!
    *ready knife behind andstrike anytime*

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