see i cant even think of a title for my new entry

last entry was posted on 10th of July. its been 2 weeks i dont even update my blog 8D
hopefully i can recall as much stuffs as possible..

17th July – Ferragamo show as a dresser
we supposed to reach there at 3 but i reached ther at 1 coz of my over extimated time LOL
jon reached at 2something and wentto find leggings for his latest design and… he brought me in some designer brand shops which i only followwwww ..
but i like their brochure.. i wanttt
after that, we went to the backstage and the first thing we nit to do is to wear the UGLYmuscle single LOL LOLLLLLL
but luckily my shirt is black in color D8
then we started to cut and paste all the flow chart, models outfits number etc., get our models’ garments everything even shoessss, then.. dinner LOL
afer dinner models arrived and start dress them up
okay, i was shivering like hell that time, im so scared that ill mess up anything D8 (sorry models.. Ivan and Thomasz)
show started and im more n more nervous coz after this we got only few minutes to dress up second set to 2 models in the same time
menggigil againnn
but then i think i made it 8D
and being a dresser is fun 8D
these are fun pics taken by jon

22nd July – Final Presentation for Visual Communication
me n jolene did quite well in both of our silkscreen and stop motion project
sorry jolene that i din do much works D8
D8 i dono how to upload our stop motion….


~ by ahdannyboy on July 24, 2009.

3 Responses to “…..”

  1. ma de so leng zai laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. waaaaa~ u hang out with too unit-san~ aka ‘Jon’..
    cool~~~ 8DDDD
    huh? means u helped him
    to dress up the models ? o.o
    awesome (Y) ^^

  3. jealous jealous jealous luuuuuuuu

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