assignments vs holidayss (heavy mode)

argh… everyone is having their holiday and i heard a lot of “im boreddddddd” from them
guuuh… how could u all so cruel to me?

anyway, ive finished my figure final which look super salah with the guy in girl pose
wrong perspective thingy… yada yada..
thx to jolene n nad for helping me so much in this project… im dumb in imagination n perspective …. sorry n thx
i cant post it up coz its so…weird for me… its not a good job tho… but ill try to uplaod wat ive done in this semester during holiday… gahhh gahhh gahh….

shopping? ah… i did do some shoppings right?
its been a while ad.. i had some shopping on the day v went for gie’s 21st birthday celebration
its a…bag n shoes
and… today, me n oo woke up so damn early just to….eat nasi lemak…
then paid my advance skul fees, bla blu bla….
then we went to town.. just to wander around there…
sg wang, low yat, lot 10 and pavilion… we ate a lot in pavilion…
not those filling stuffs but some snacks .. sweet n fattening snacks D8
but its nice tho… we had a cupcakes, creampuff and 2 stuffs from a shop (orz i cant recall the name of the shop n the food but we have the pics for the snacks..the only pic)
after tat we went to cineleisure to make statues preorder for my bro, again. n we ate kim gary coz v really got no idea wat to eat anymore orz
went to ikea to get mirrors but i end up bringing clothes hanger, laundry bag and mirrors lolololol

after a whole tiring day, n i stil din do anything for my perspective final .. i really dono how to start it…
i just wan to finish it n go back home… i miss my family….. can i skip this project….. damnnnn…..

anyway, guys, H1N1 a.k.a. hini are really serious now, better prevent n take a good care of urself kay?
im gulping bottles of juices and biting lots of fruits n chewing lots of vitamins now…(wondering ill get the side effect of getting over vitamins anot XD)
alah….takut mati larrhh…..
everyone, just take care kay?

and here are some pics including my latest hairstyle (camwhoreeee), gie’s birthday celebration (happy birthday gie gieeeeeee) and my reddi n baggie and the foood we had today

i want to go for some trip, PLEASE


~ by ahdannyboy on July 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “assignments vs holidayss (heavy mode)”

  1. Thanks Nie Nie for the meal and The Pressie!!!
    I wanna Go TRIP TOOO!!!!

  2. orz i pun mau pergi laaaa langkawi ada banyak cheap alcohol XD

  3. summore duty free punya chocolate dan shopping mall leh!!!!

  4. yerr!!!!!!
    red shoes!!!!!!!

  5. damn u=-=..dah ajak tk pergi vacation

  6. yalo~ ingat u ada pergi ngan kita~ ==;;;

  7. alahhhh itu neko dengar salah….
    orz pity meeee….

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