from THEM

been talking to some of my frens bout my recent feeling

im worried for my results for this term…
i dun wan to make any of my family members to feel disappointing…
n my mood even changed more when i read all my fren’s blogs, all those happiness n sadness came in the same time..
the one ive thinked about the most is “It’s already so hard to convince the world and you still have got to convince your own allies?” from Lawrence.

ive been doing works passionately and more patience in the early half term, but after tat, my attitude have been changed to “i just want to finish it” when i do work..
i cant figure out wats the thing tat turned me into this attitude…
jon said coz of my laziness, yea i admit it, im really a lazy 1 but i did tried not to do works last minutes but yet, always dragged until last minute to finish everything even tho i started somethign early..
ive been trying not to do works according to my mood, but.. better mood better work, isit true?

talked to ning too.. she has the same feeling as mine..  told myself to work really hard before this 3rd term started but yet… stil not reli worked out really hard.. she said im lack of confidence and interest…n i told her… i stil have my interest on something but not patience on everything im learning..

talked to JL too.. told her the same thing bout wat happened in this term.. n she said “change your attitude to “once in a life time”” it sounds serious right? yea it is…coz its kinda helped a lot to me on making me awake.. the reason she said so is because, we’re doing all these stuffs only once in our life time. everytime we redraw again, it won b exactly the same as the previous one… and this is so-called “masterpiece” said JL

i dono wat happened after half of the term, mayb my laziness really dragged me down, or mayb, im not inspired by something? i stil dont have patience to learn something tat i cant cope up, i stil give up whenever i think i cant cope up.. i know i shudn;t have these kind of thinking anymore, ill try.


~ by ahdannyboy on August 3, 2009.

4 Responses to “from THEM”

  1. Its ur holiday….u need to recharge….take enough rest…
    plan some TRIPS….relax
    And then u will come back for next sem with more energy!!
    You’ll be fine…no worries^^
    what they say in chinese??Taking a rest is for u to be able to walk a longer journey….

  2. yay.. i always use tat sentence…(when i eat)
    the more we eat, the further we can walk XD

  3. haha, JL memang JL.
    the phrase ‘Once in a lifetime’.. it’s just like a reminder for me,
    everytime i face new challenge,
    i will just like.. “oh well..just give it a try, WHY NOT ?”
    (just like my job now =.=)
    people always..always have their ups and downs,
    its just the matter of how u gonna deal with it?
    give up? or move on? =)
    its ur choice.
    jia you jia you!

  4. never give up

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