im officially in holiday 8D

yay… eveyrone, im in holiday now!!! wheee wang wang wang wang

first thing we did after we submitted our perspective finals was to grab a paratha then… DDR
omg this is the first time i tried on kaya n cheese flavor…. HEAVENNN…
after tat, DDR… damn it… a lot of IL student were there coz all of them went pyramid after submitted our works
fine…. continue playing until all of us tired 8D

5pm, went to oo’s place to pink her up.. grabbed a Benjo burger while im waiting for her.. might b the last burger b4 i go bec for my holiday? XD
then we went to midvalley… as usual? kay, actually i wanted to repair my sony bean but then the HQ closed ad
fine… we then had our dinner at a korean stall in The Gardens.. holy…. pretty pretty pretty…. the tauke so leng lui !!! zomg
we had a Kimchi Fried Rice which is out of my expectation…. coz it was super delicious… this is my first attempt to Kimchii Fried Rice
and we also had Sun Dubu Jige, Spicy Tofu Soup with rice.. this is my second time trying this, my first time was in Asia Cafe.. icant compare coz the ingredient they gave is kinda different… but it was stil really nice .. i liek their rice..
i think ill learn korean food during my holiday… i wan to learn their Kimchii fired rice… so nicee *drool*
after tat, we wandered around AS USUAL too… then oo helped her fren to get something from carrefour, i bought my Sesame Anchovy from Cheong Hong (i want more n more of this) and bought sketch book, with A2 papers for figures from The Artfriend.. ahhh… i spent 50 bucks in The Artfriend again..

wednesday scheduale : 12 Bowling with Nad, Jolene, Lynn, Popo n Winloon ; Dinner with Jon *korean food again*


~ by ahdannyboy on August 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “im officially in holiday 8D”

  1. aiyor…u both so jin gak….so mv gai gai n makan oso nvr ajak T~T

  2. ahhhhh exam… kenot slack around ^^
    lets go food hunting after ur exam n when wai is back ^^

  3. weee~~~hes coming back next week…since ure in holiday…then you gotta plan for our trips!!nyek nyek!!!Food hunting—-here v come^^

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