2nd day of holiday

woke up at 10, roll on my bed until 11 8D
start preparing and suddenly… rained….. *speechless*
waited for half an hour then went out from house n went to pyramid for bowling with nad, jolene, lynn, popo n winloon
ahh… its been ages i never play this game… n the results…ah well….. pro pencuci longkang 8D
after finished 3 games, we went for lunch at shih lin n then…
DDR .. ahhhh….. i played for 6 games today… orz… sorry mummy but i really feels like play it crazily before i go back XD

went bec at 5 n start prepare myself for dinner with jon
went out from house at 5.30 coz i tot it will b jam like hell at tat time n i can reach there b4 7…
mana tau…. mana tau….. no jam at all… i reached there at 6… ENAM!!! ommmaa…. we supposed to meet up at 7
then i just went to his skul n hang around there.. ahhh i stil love fashion skul… altho there will b a lot of dramas in there but… i stil love fashion…
ah, i think one of my ex-classmate from TARC going to study there, Jasmine.. *jealous*

after a while we went to the so-called korea village at ampang there, i think its bside ampang point
then went inside a korean bbq restaurant… sorry i have to say tat… i smelled cockroaches okay!!!
ordered food, i dono wat to order coz i nv eat korean bbq so Jon just ordered pork n beef.. ah n a beef soup

first they served us cold mineral water, then side dishes.. guess how many side dishes they served…
T-H-I-R-T-E-E-N .. they served 13 side dishes.. all the kimchii thingy, all the seasoned thingy.. ahhh….
wait.. they stil served us a bowl of steamed egg.. ahh its normal but i like it…
i cant really remember what’s inside the 13 side dishes… i just remembered like kimchi, seasoned clams, seasoned anchovy (i like), seasoned potato, seasoned beansprout n… i dono ad
after tat, our bbq meat are served but i’ve been informed tat they will bbq it for us… *disappointed*
the waiter cook all the meat at once okay… cant they just cook half half half half? ish..
the meat is not reli special without the sauces they gave, and.. i prefer the porkie 8D
after side dishes, soup, rice, meat… they served us… hot green tea…
wondering why they dont serve it earlier? XD
we’re trying to finish all the food on the table… then suddenly… they served us… watermelon..
ahhh they just wont stop serving us food XD

after dinner, we went straight away to Delicious at Ampang, Dua Residential.
we went there for the Bannofee and Chocolicious Sundae
we’re so full but… just cant resist the temptation of desserts…
i liek the lower ground of the restaurant.. i heard they only serve wines and some other stuffs but not those desserts we wanted to eat there… and there’s a grocery section there.. so cool
so we went up to second floor for our desserts.. the interior was so awesome and calming..
both of the desserts are heaven! really… HEAVEN!! worth trying!!
waiwai, giegie, oo… ill bring u all there…. okay ^^

these are some pics taken for the Korean BBQ and Delicious

then crapped there until 10.30, then fetch Jon to old klang road to meet up his fren
then..saya balik rumah…. alahhh….. i wan to go out la… so bored XD

gave wai a called and knew tat he’s actually drinking with his fren..
pilot life… ah well…

anyway, faster come back ar uncle wai… AJUSSHI!!!!(uncle)
u’re coming bec here next week… but by the time i’m already in hometown, come over with gie gie okay?

tat’s all for tonight… tomolo no plan until night..
yam cha with gie gie n oo at murni ^^
friday.. go back hometown…
mummyyy, daddyyy….. im coming back luuuuuu … wheeeeeeeeeee *excited*


~ by ahdannyboy on August 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “2nd day of holiday”

  1. yer….go eat hao liao again er u!!!
    make sure u bring us there….promise is always a promise!!
    wooot~~~Murni for dinner to9!!!

  2. yeappie ^^
    ofcoz ill bring u all there 8D

  3. ahhh! im goin to that korean restaurant this sunday! XD
    the ampang waterfront one right ?

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