Yip Choon Wai

ahhh yip choon wai ar yip choon wai…
dono how to start this blog XD

i know u since 2006
then we went out on the second day with your whole gang of frens
then i started to go to ur place, makan, makan XD
stil remember i gained weight so fast .. is like few kgs in few days
then we realised we had the same dream to pursue
piloting, that’s why we take Alevels bla bla bla…
its kinda coincidence right? have the same dream, have the same plan as well
but i gave up in the half way and change to a totally different field.. design field..

ahh this entry suppose to do something on u
Congratulation Yip Choon Wai
you officially became a private license Pilot on 29th of July 2009

seriously, im really proud of u.. knowing ur past as u told me u’re not a student tat wasn;t did really well academically
and now, u’re the top student in the piloting school..
i guess everyone around you also proud of u
but u better listen to everyone’s advises. ur parents and ur frens..
dont ever mess up your life when u’re working at outstation everything

alah dono wat to say anymore.. too many things
i’ve done the thing i wanted to do in this entry.. congratez u..
just good luck and always have a safe flight all the time ^^

u have an evil fren 8D


~ by ahdannyboy on August 5, 2009.

10 Responses to “Yip Choon Wai”

  1. Omg…Danie…u’re so mean!!!
    Lolz….’mou lo mou lo’

  2. loll….

  3. Hahaha, of course I still remember that…Not a gang, only me and PJ.
    I’ve never thought that my dream can really comes true.
    It is because of my parents, they trust me a lot…
    I love you guys so much ^3^

  4. I’m the top only in PPL, not for all sectors la…..
    Trying my best, not to disappoint any 1 of you…but the pressure and tension on studying are really killing me….Do u know sometime I would feel like crying while studying, thought I might gone mad … Haha…
    Anyway, thanks for this entry … See u real soon

  5. uncle… u better dont…
    i will never step on a plane handled by a crazy pilot okay? XD
    cepat datang..langkawiiiii … wheeee

  6. hahaz…don’t worry wor…even before you get mad….u have a ‘psychologist’ around to treat u….in addition….u can’t get mad yet…you haven’t fulfill ur dreams and….ours too!!

    danie….7 more days till v see you^^

  7. hey congratz. omg, a PILOT!!!! take me along when u fly =p

  8. yes, i do read your blog. hehe..
    can’t help it…danny!! ur englishie sucks la.. tsk tsk tsk… meng-sia-sui-kan Kho family la!

    anyway, just drop by to congratulate Yip Choon Wai! Keep up the good work and….do i get free flights…hmmm?

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