my holiday -the end-

its been weeks i never update any new entry
ive been so blur and so empty in my mind whenever it comes to update my blog
so many things to share,  and i just don’t know how to start it
well, since its going to be the end of my holiday, seems to b a nice topic then

before this holiday started, ive been planning alot on what to do, what should i learn in this holiday, i have to finish my assignments before school started…
and yay…. stil the same, i cant seem to achieve any of it
i stil don’t know how to make kimchi, i stil unable to finish my assignments by NOW, and i did not take my time to learn cg D8 that’s pathetic

well nothing special happened in this holiday except a visit from wai n gie and we went to langkawi with siew
its been years i never go to langkawi, i’m kinda excited for that trip yet worried bout hini.. D8
we drive, we eat, we play, we sleep, we drink 8D
*will upload pics after i develope all the films*

and hmm….. im going to put on braces this coming sunday, 6th of September
just laugh however u all want …. babi   -..-
im gonna train them into transformie and do assignments for me D8
ee ee ek ek 8D


~ by ahdannyboy on September 2, 2009.

5 Responses to “my holiday -the end-”

  1. Asked you to come back to KL earlier….
    At least we can still hang out before your college re-opened.

  2. ya ya…im going back soon la..
    aiyo i want to stay longer at here with my family ma =3=

  3. Wee~~~the soon to be bling bling teeth guy will be coming back soon^^!!! Can’t wait to see the pics….u guys faster go n developed them la…Thanks for driving us around for the whole week!!!When can we go trips again??

  4. hahahha wat bling bling teeth =3=
    soon soon….. got money got trip 8D

  5. hahahaz….braces cause u to have blingy teeth ma….then when use flash….wah……*eyes pain*… marney….maybe year end??weee~~~~

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