im not a good boy! u all shud know tat

im not a good boy
my life sucks
my studies sucks
yea i do admit tat

but hey… my dear aunties
do u mind asking urself… “how good are my children doing?”
yea they might be graduated in good university, with good results…
but then again… who cares? parents like u care right?
i know… i know…
congratesss…claps…cheers.. how bout tat?

but hey please, dont make someone younger than u found out what’s in your mind easily… that’s shameful kay?
i know wat r u thinking when u’re talking to me!
i know what u feel bout my studies!
i know what u think bout my future!
and hey, list the name of the people tat looked down at u or ur children…
none of them? see…
no one ever looked down at u or even ur god damn children, so why the hell are u complaining bout me?!
aunty, i stepped on ur tail isit? or i ever complained tat ur style sucks?!
did i ever say im good in studies or did my parents ever praise me in front of u? well i dont think so
do u know how it feels when u said tat to me?
u shud know tat…  seriously… maybe someday… u should even feel tat!

it HURTS!! when u said “i think u dont look like someone who is really studying”

how wonderful u describe me
how beautiful u praised me
how excellent u made that statement
*thumbs up, aunty*

i know u all wont b reading my blog
but im gonna say this
i hate when u all start comparing
i hate when u all looked down at wat im doing
i hate when u all judge the value of my course
i hate when u all say something harsh to me
i hate when u all make some hideous critiques

well this is not the first time u all did this to me, and never judge someone younger than u are always stupid n dumb
i’ll respect u if u pay even a little tiny winny respect to me for the sake of im a human

yes, danny, u dumbass… complaining around….
yes i am! im not a good boy! u all shud know tat!

dont try to make fun with my temper, i wont kill, i wont bite but u never know what i can do

p.s.: children those people im complaining, please tell your parents that it will cost them alot if u planned to take design course… good luck…

bla bla bla… nights! danny, hv a good rest with anger =)


~ by ahdannyboy on December 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “im not a good boy! u all shud know tat”

  1. No worries, i know you can do it.
    Prove it to them, let them know whatever path you had chosen is right and you gonna be better than their children real soon.
    Your own parents do not judge you who are they to say that?
    I experienced sort of things like that, tell yourself you’ll be better than their children one day….
    You said I’m bad, I would be the best among you in one day.
    That’s what in my mind when my mom’s friend said I’m bad in academy, my mom gonna be sad….. I hate that idiot either.
    Let’s work it out…I know, I really know….you’ll be someone outstanding in the future.
    So do I…..Hahaha…

  2. wat kind of ending is tat har? hahah
    thanks anyway ^^
    gambate! osh osh!!

  3. gambateh ya my little bird bird/小鸟叫~…hehe…
    wish u all the best n happy owayss~

  4. you don’t have to care those who don’t support you
    because your mind n time should be filled and packed with people who support you….for instance someone like me XP
    it’s your life by the way…why they care…
    and theres a saying…which is “the man who laugh last win”
    you’ll be successful one day
    lets work hard together

    • hope so =)
      just being a bitch n made complains here
      just feel better after tat n will forgot bout it
      thanks gie anyway ^^

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