hope its another beginning

yea i know its been ages i didnt update my blog
well, after congratulation on jonathan for the best collection of his graduation show, i would like to start everything from 1st of april

1st of April
3pm, i parked my car in a proper way in PJ uptown
3.15pm, i got up to my car n found out that my car’s window was broken and my school bag which i’ve stuffed it underneath my seat was gone. school bag…. i got notes, got some leaflet i brought back from hk, earphone, oh, my harddisc with all my assignments inside (and i dont hv any backup), and…. my baby canon i mentioned in last post… isn’t it funny? i posted that i got a new dslr on last post n this post, i’ve already lost it. yes, its my fault for didnt bring it down. =(

5th April, after my class, i got up to my car n i found there’s a bird shit near to my car’s door n my pants. FINE i thought i got it when i got up to my car, but when i reached my house, i realsied my whole hand was full of bird shit and also my sterling….. seriously, i dont know how those shitsss got in my car =(

9th April, 12.40pm
i found my car was lost……… “ada orang tunda kereta ke tadi?” “ya, kancil kan?” “ok u pergi station 1 sane tengok itu map, sanalah dia orang letak kereta u” [ss15 MPSJ] ok i grabbed a cab n go to ss15, and the clever taxi driver dropped me at MMSJ which is Mahkamah Majistret Subang Jaya, brilliant.. i start walking around ss15, again and again. i asked a girl in the petrol station “is there any MPSJ nearby here?” “yea u go to the opposite road and go down and nearby a market there” another brilliant, that’s a parking lot la!! and it doesnt belonged to MPSJ, duh!! at lastttttt my savers came n picked me up n bring me to MPSJ Taipan and smartass government “oh sini bayar kompaun aje, u kena pergi sampai faber castell sane, USJ12 sane ambil” ok fine………….and yea at last i got my car after i paid the fine of 178. … i really hv to thank u guys, roland n woon for bringing me to so many places to get back my small little kancil and patrickoo ^^

ah ya, thanks for the dinner to TANG KIM LOY, TANG AH SOU, CH’NG WOON CHIEN, MAG TAK LENG, ALAN TEY SER YANG… altho the movie was really suckie, but, thanks for the dinenr n cakie=) it was great and im glad to hv such great dinner with all of u again… =)

ah, ive done some shooting with nana and it was a great experience.


~ by ahdannyboy on April 9, 2010.

One Response to “hope its another beginning”

  1. I’m sure things gonna be ok
    You’re gonna be fine^^
    Enjoy ur holidayz..
    Since its ur holiday…pls update your bloggie more often k
    Don’t be lazy!!

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